Thursday, June 30, 2011

Absence and Acceptance

Egad. I have been very absent around here lately. I received some good news this week... I was juried into the Etsymetal Street Team! There are so many super-talented and skilled metalsmiths on the team that I'm very grateful that they chose me to be in their midst! I look forward to what's in store! Take a look at the Etsymetal Team!

The seattle sky was so dreamy last night with layers of clouds, both dark and light, so rich with texture. It was indeed a perfect backdrop to highlight the profile of a ring that is nearly finished. Someday soon you can find it here.It is a combination of textures and colors that I think look quite nice together. After a bit of static, due to unexpected life interference, I hope to resume more production up in the studio where I am most happy!

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